What is a STAG Mom?

Welcome to STAG Moms!

This blog is  lead by two sisters. After a combined 4 child births (of which three were C sections) we found ourselves in disarray. So we have set out to find support in one another as we:

Strive To Achieve Greatness!

It’s the STAG Mom Way.

Our aim is to share our journey through tips and discoveries. We will share our successes and our failures as we step toward our goals. We firmly believe each woman is different as we are different from each other as sisters. Our lives are different therefore, our goals will be different. No single diet or exercise plan will suffice as kids, husbands, jobs, emotions, and all the other obstacles in life add dynamics that can’t be ignored.

We don’t aim to change the world, just our world. We share our journey to inspire not take the place of professionals. We hope you achieve your goals…have you set them yet?


We are excited to share and discover with you.

-2 STAG Moms

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  1. Dan Tyler
    Thanks Bri. I know some people who need to check this out!

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