NOT an Epic Fail!

Breakfast in general is difficult for me. Especially difficult now that I want to stay on a fit path; What do I EAT! I have two small kids that want to eat before they are even out of bed in the morning. Stressful! Since I have a Thyroid disorder, I have to take medication 30-60 minutes before I can eat anything. Annoying! So it’s a long morning. Exhausting! When I let these initial feelings take over the morning, there is great potential for a day of “giving up”.  I can’t let this happen. You never know when you will face a struggle and I want to be set mentally for success.

In fact, I did have a struggle this week. I should say, I had an amazing learning opportunity this week through a failed attempt towards a healthy breakfast. I found myself lacking one of my ingredients, one of the healthiest parts. How did I let this happen? One of the biggest difficulties when we fail is when WE fail. I need to set myself up for success. This was an eye opening realization. It’s so painfully obvious. I have to plan to plan….sounds exhausting.

I ate it without the ingredient. I didn’t let it defeat me. I used it as a way to look at other goals and make sure that each week I am sure to check that I have the things that I need for a successful week. Lists will be my friend!

My goals to become organized and stay mentally focused are surely coming in handy.

Moving on.

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Stosh is married and has two children. Stosh also works part time and strives to maintain balance in her life. Finding motivation for wellness is hard enough as a single adult, now that has changed and Stosh is looking to get back on track!
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